Gas Theft Leads to Crime Ring Bust

11-15-05 - Grayson County authorities believe they've broken up an elaborate identity theft ring, a husband and wife, accused of stealing mail right out of their victims' mailboxes.

From boxes of checks to credit card statements to prescription bottles, over thirty different people are still waiting on these items to come in the mail. But little do they know it was stolen right out of their mailbox.

A table is covered in mail with addresses stretching from Sherman to Garland. Every piece was found in the vehicle that police pulled over Friday in Van Alstyne on Highway 5.

The driver and passenger, 25-year-old Michael Arrington and his 23-year-old wife, Brandy of Gunter, were being followed by the owner of the Shell gas station off Highway 75 in Sherman after driving off without paying for gas.

Brandy Arrington had gone inside to try and pay with a stolen check, but the station doesn't accept out of county checks.

The Arringtons are being held in the Grayson County Jail and are facing five state felony charges. The US Postal Inspector is filing federal charges Tuesday.

In the meantime, all of the addresses found on the stolen mail are being contacted.

As far as protecting yourself from becoming a victim, the US Postal Service says it's best to drop off your outgoing mail at the post office and pick up your mail as soon a possible.