More Mailbox Theft in Texoma

11-16-05 - Mailboxes in Texoma are still a popular target for thieves. Despite arrests earlier this week, there's now another case in Grayson County.

On Monday, the Grayson County Sheriff's Office appeared to have broken up an identity theft ring after making two arrests in Van Alstyne, but whether this latest case is related or not, putting anything in a mailbox is still risky business.

A box of checks were recently taken out of a mailbox in the 600 block of Singletree Road. The mailbox's owner then was notified by his bank that someone was writing those checks on his account.

The victim says so far several checks have been written totaling around $1,400. This comes on the heels of Monday's arrest of Brandy and Michael Arrington who allegedly stole from some thirty mailboxes.

As this disturbing trend develops, the postmaster advises taking extra steps to make sure your mail is safe, including depositing mail at a post office or blue collection box.

We are nearing the holiday season which is the second most popular time of the year for mailbox theft, second only to tax season.

This latest case of theft is still under investigation by the Grayson County Sheriff's office.