Lawton Schools Increase Security After Gun Found

11-17-05 - School officials in Lawton are increasing security at all the city's high schools after a student carried an unloaded handgun to MacArthur High School.

A student told officials last Tuesday that she saw the gun earlier in the day. School officials recovered the gun the next day from another students house. Officials say the gun was reported stolen and two students are now suspended.

In the wake of the incident, schools have increased the use of walk-through and handheld scanners and the number of security personnel has been increased at secondary schools.

Lawton Public Schools Superintendent Barry Beauchamp urged parents to help school officials in their efforts to maintain safe environments.

"The biggest factor in keeping school safe is not law enforcement, or metal detectors or security officers. The biggest factor is parents making sure they know where their children are and what they are doing," Beauchamp said. "That way we can eliminate the problem before it becomes a school issue."