Trash Fight Heating Up in Sherman

11-18-05 - Another private trash hauler is upset with Sherman's recent decisions regarding residential and commercial trash. After kicking out private haulers 1.5 years ago, the city is now accepting bids, but with a price.

In a letter to the city manager, former trash collector 'waste management' disagrees with the city reopening bids from residential and commercial service, and the company isn't alone.

City waste employees gave their two-cents to the council last week, saying they make money for the city and could lose their jobs if trash collection goes private, but the reasoning behind the council's decision to accept bids comes from a previous lawsuit filed by IESI Trash Service over the original decision to give the city control.

Former City Councilman Orvie Lee Cantrell says privatizing will take away the good trash service citizens received from the city.

Orvie says, "To do away with that program would be like stealing money from our future children, or future families. It's a program that the city has proven to serve better, do better and make more efficient work than what was happening in the past."

Waste Management says that they are not filing a lawsuit, but some see this letter as a precursor to legal action.

The city is expected to finish reviewing the bids by January 16. At that time they'll have a better idea of whether they will support privatizing the service.