Donations Running Low at Food Banks

11-19-05 – On the weekend before Thanksgiving, some area food banks are low on supplies after two major gulf coast hurricanes.

The Grayson County Homeless Shelter is concerned because residents occupy all the rooms, but the pantries are empty. Organizers say the shortage is threatening the shelter’s operations, especially since the holiday season is approaching.

Milk, eggs and meats are in short supply and around this time of year, organizers say they would have more than enough of those items. However, this year the shelves are almost bare. Non-profits helped feed hurricane evacuees who came to live in north Texas. Shortly after the hurricanes, donations flooded in and helped feed evacuees and now the donations have ceased.

The Grayson County Homeless Shelter works with the North Texas Food Bank in order to share donations.

Contact 903-816-0993 for more information.