X-BOX 360 Release Starts Holiday Shopping Season

11-21-05 - The holiday shopping season will get a jumpstart today as kids and adults will be staying up late Monday night for the release of the hottest new game console, the X-BOX 360.

Hastings in Sherman is just one of thousands of stores that starting at midnight Monday will be selling the X-BOX 360. It’s the hottest item this holiday season, and if you don’t get one now, it may be a while until you can.

With graphics that look almost life-like, the X-BOX 360 is the latest system to revolutionize video games. $400 gets you a hard-drive and the ability to download movies and music that will allow gamers to do more than they ever have before.

Getting your hands on the one could be the toughest game of them all.

Advance purchases began almost four months ago, and they are expected to fly off the shelves. In fact, stores may not have a regular supply until February.

“We've had lots of phone calls, everyone calling about X-BOX,” Rayanne Climer of Best Buy said. “They’re wanting to know how many we have.”

Hastings and other stores will be holding midnight release parties Monday night for those who reserved their X-BOX months ago. Those who have not reserved one will have to line-up because starting tomorrow morning it’s first come first serve.