Denison teens arrested after high-speed chase through Grayson and Collin counties

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SHERMAN, TX -- Two Denison teenagers are in custody after leading Texas DPS troopers on a high speed chase in a stolen vehicle Thursday.

When Fred Pilkilton arrived at his dealership in Denison for work Thursday morning, "We noticed we were missing a new, red, four-door jeep," said Pilkilton.

The $40,000 vehicle had been stolen. It resurfaced shortly, when a Texas DPS trooper tried to stop the driver of the red jeep for reckless driving. The suspect did not stop, instead starting a high speed chase with troopers.

The chase followed U.S. 75 South from Grayson into Collin county, then back, going through Gunter around 8:15 a.m..

"Given the fact that it was crossing into our county line, coming into our city limits at over 100 miles per hour, we immediately went and shut down the elementary school and the high school because that's prime time for people to be coming to school," said Gunter Police Chief Bryce Kennedy.

The chase ended at King and Throckmorton Streets in Sherman when one of the Jeep's tires went flat. Texas DPS says the driver -- a 16 year old boy -- and passenger 18 year old Austin Mitchell -- both from Denison, were arrested at the scene.

Pilkilton says the two teens broke in through a glass window to get the keys. He actually confronted one of the teens after they were arrested.

"You know I went up and talked to one of the guys, the one who stole my car, and I said "why'd you steal my car?" and he wouldn't answer," said Pilkilton.

Employees at Pilkilton Motors say the teens also stole the chocolate from their candy bowl, which was found smeared all over the interior of the jeep. They also found a President Obama mask when they were cleaning out the vehicle.

The teens are facing multiple charges, including theft, burglary, evading, and reckless driving. Texas DPS says they are still investigating the incident.

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