2 ex-Grayson County employees pled guilty to stealing fuel

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SHERMAN, TX -- Two former Grayson county employees have pleaded guilty to stealing fuel from a county road maintenance facility and officials said it's a shock that two of their own would engage in such an act.

Former Grayson County employees Phillip Allen Tillett and Dustin Lowell Miller pled guilty to theft charges for stealing diesel from the Precinct 1 maintenance facility right behind me. Investigators said both men used the stolen gas in their personal vehicles and the commissioner in charge said they will have to make changes to make sure this won't happen again.

Grayson County Precinct 1 Commissioner, Jeff Whitmire worked with both 47-year-old Phillip Tillet and 42-year-old Dustin Miller at the Precinct 1 Road Maintenance Facility and he was stunned both men would steal from the county and its taxpayers.

"I was shocked by the situation when it first came up and like I said, I put a lot of trust and faith into the jobs that they did, that I thought they were doing a good job," he said.

Last June a county employee blew the whistle on Tillet and Miller which prompted an investigation by the sheriff's office.

"Employees were stealing gas, the records confirmed that. The sheriff's office confirmed it that there's some gas missing and then ultimately the employees were confronted and confessed to taking diesel."

Grayson County District Attorney, Joe Brown said both men pled guilty Monday on theft charges. Brown said while employee theft is common, this case is different because the victim is not just the county, but also its residents.

"It took fairly standard employee theft case. You know businesses all over the country deal with employee theft and Grayson county is no different. It's just different because it's taxpayer money," he said.

Tillet and Miller are sentenced to two years probation and fined $350 each. Both men also paid a total of $10,000 in restitution as part of their plea agreement.

Whitmire said since the incident, they're keeping a closer eye on their records and their employees.

"I have full faith in my current employees and I've also instituted improved security measures and some better data reporting that I believe would prevent this from happening in the future," he said.

Both men have been terminated from their duties as soon as Commissioner Whitmire was notified by the Sheriff's office about the crime. Whitmire said there's a slim chance for either one of them to be re-employed in the county.

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