2 infants among 10 kids killed in Oklahoma tornado

Credit: CBS
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OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - The Oklahoma medical examiner's office says two infants are among 24 people killed by the tornado that ripped across the Oklahoma City area this week.

The office announced Wednesday that it has positively identified 23 of the 24 victims and that 10 of those killed are children.

Among the dead are 4-month-old Case Futrell and 7-month-old Sydnee Vargyas. Both babies died from head injuries.

The eight other children ranged in age from 4 years old to 9 years old. Of those, six were suffocated. The other two died from massive injuries.

All the children have been positively identified. Medical examiner's office spokeswoman Amy Elliott says officials still are trying to contact relatives of eight victims Wednesday, but released the names of 16 others:

- Terri Long, 49

- Megan Futrell, 29

- Case Futrell, 4 months

- Shannon Quick, 40

- Sydnee Vargyas, 7 months

- Karrina Vargyas, 4

- Jenny Neely, 38

- Antonia Canderaria, 9

- Kyle Davis, 8

- Janae Hornsby, 9

- Sydney Angle, 9

- Emily Conatzer, 9

- Nicolas McCabe, 9

- Christopher Legg, 9

- Cindy Plumley, age unknown

- Deanna Ward, age unknown

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