2 men charged with providing alcohol to minors after party in Ringling

RINGLING, OK -- Two men have been arrested after a teenage girl overdosed near Ringling, Oklahoma.

It's a quiet, open field again, but just over a week ago, it was filled with a makeshift stage, live band, old cars with trunks full of alcohol and at least 200 people. Jefferson County Assistant District Attorney Carrie Hixon calls the party irresponsible and upsetting.

"It's tragic that people were so irresponsible that they created this party and allowed minors to come in and drink," Hixon said.

The party area is hard to find. So, law enforcement was called only after an ambulance had to be dispatched. A 15-year-old girl overdosed on what may have been marijuana or bath salts and excessive alcohol. The young woman was not even the youngest there.

"There were reports that a child as young as 12 and adults as old as 40 that attended the party," Hixon said.

The party had been in the works for two months and went viral thanks to social media. People came from both near and far.

"People from out of state appeared at the party from Texas," Hixon said. "I was told someone as far as Michigan came to this party, but most of them were local to the Ringling area."

Reports indicate that party goers could buy a wristband for $10 in advance. If they showed up at the party with the wristband that read "Project Mud Creek", then they would be provided with as much alcohol as they wanted: beer, jello shots and cowboy kool-aid.

Wade, one of the men charged Tuesday, is only 19 years old. He allegedly provided the place for the party. Stewart, who is 23, supposedly provided the alcohol. Hixon isn't sure Stewart was the only one, though. They are looking into filing charges on others.

"Situations like this can turn dangerous very quickly," Hixon said. "We don't take the situation lightly."

Felony charges have been filed against 19-year-old Ashton Phillip Wade and 23-year-old Sonny Stewart of Ringling, for providing alcohol to minors.

The 15-year-old girl is expected to recover.

Information from KSWO-TV - Lawton, OK