$2 million dollar winning powerball ticket bough in Ravia, Oklahoma

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Ravians answered the $2 million dollar question.

"Use it at the grocery store, that's getting pretty high," said Shirley Gamble, who occasionally plays the powerball. "Feed the birds a little more maybe."

"I'd load up the grandkids and take an extended vacation," said Danny Daniels who's also bought tickets before.

That's what people in town told us they'd do with all that money. And for all we know one of them could be the winner because whoever won the ticket hasn't claimed the prize.

What we do know is the ticket was bought at an E-Z mart in Ravia. It's at the intersection of highway 1 and highway 22. The numbers were drawn Wednesday night. But the Oklahoma Lottery Commission is used to people waiting to cash in.

"They take some of that time to make plans with their financial planner, attorney or family members so they know what they want to do with their money before they come in and claim it," said Katy Smith, advertising manager for the Oklahoma Lottery Commission.

But whoever won won't get to claim the whole price. When winner does come in to collect, the commission withholds taxes. In this case it's 29 percent- 25 percent for federal taxes and 4 percent for state taxes. That's $580,000 dollars off, which leaves $1.42 million dollars.

But people like Gamble are still inspired to play and feel lucky.

"I'm lucky whether I win or not," she said.

And maybe that luck will carry into the next drawing on Saturday.

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