Cemetery Overcrowded in Lone Grove

11-22-05 - An overcrowded cemetery in Lone Grove may lead the city to take the surrounding land even if the owner doesn’t want to sell.

As of right now, if you don’t own a plot in the cemetery, you can’t be buried there because there is no more room. The city says the land that could change all that is right nearby.

The city started looking for land back in June, but last week the city got word that the owner doesn’t want to sell. At Monday night’s council meeting, the board may look at another option which includes condemning the property and offering the owner fair market value.

"We'll just have to see accessible it would be how expensive it would be,” Lone Grove City Manager Harrell Kennedy said. “If it would all be worth it if we obtained that property.

Now there is land available west of the cemetery, but the city would also have to purchase a house on it and so far when they dig down they only hit rock.

The city manager said nothing was voted on at Monday night’s meeting, and it could be a few months before a decision is made.