X-BOX 360 Hits the Shelves

11-22-05 - From kids to adults, the number one must have this holiday shopping season may be the X-BOX 360, and it hit the store shelves early Tuesday morning.

For parents who aren’t up to date on the hot Christmas gifts, they better be quick learners because getting an X-BOX 360 may not happen in time.

The price is steep, $300 for the base system and up to $400 more for extra features, but finding one is going to be the toughest part. Stores like Hastings and GameStop have been taking orders since the summer.

The shipments arrived yesterday, and the initial deliveries could be snatched up by people who are ahead of the game, but even if it takes awhile, gamers say it will be worth the wait.

”It's supposed to have better processing speed, better graphics, more accessories like X-BOX live, and a bigger hard drive,” gamer Brian Hill said.

Local stores like GameStop had midnight parties to kick off the sale, but the demand is so great that stores may not have a regular supply until February.

Microsoft expects to sell about three million units in the first few months.