Heavy Travel Weekend Starts Today

11-23-05 - The higher cost of travel won't keep people home for holidays. Some will hop in a car, board a plane or take a train, making it the busiest travel weekend since 2001.

Some 37 million people will travel 50 miles or more for a turkey dinner, and there is something to get folks pumped up.

"It's the busiest day of the year," Bill Douglass of Douglass Distributing said. "Biggest retail day for a convenience store that have fuel because customers are traveling home ,stopping and getting fuel"

Gas prices plunge just in time for the holiday, but airfares, hotel rooms, and rental cars have increased this year. AAA reports the majority of travelers will reach their holiday destination by car, and not even the added cost will keep those folks off the roadways.

"I don't think whether its a $1.99 or $2.15 it will make a difference," Douglass said. "I think they're going home to be with their love ones"

You won't find traffic jams just on the roadways though. On Wednesday alone, airlines will try and get more than 50,000 flights off the ground. You can expect heightened airline security creating long screening lines.

Airlines offer some helpful holiday air-tips to eliminate those travel headaches.

  • Check your flight status

  • Arrive early -- at least an hour and a half

  • Do not carry on wrapped gifts

  • Make sure you have a photo ID

  • After check in -- stay in the gate area or you will have to do it all again

Also, if you have travel plans in the Texoma area, traffic will be moving quickly down I-35 at the Red River.