Construction Scam Costs Local Woman

11-23-05 - A scam that's been around for decades is back in Texoma. A Van Alstyne woman says a man offered to pave her driveway with asphalt leftover from a prior job, but she's since realized it was a ripoff.

Richard Joles told Mary Moore that he had some extra asphalt he needed to unload and would pave her new driveway for $600 dollars. But by the time he completed the job that estimate had ballooned to over $1600.

She wrote him the check and he left her an invoice with a phone number and a three-year warranty.

It wasn't but a week later the asphalt began to crack and had grass growing through it. When she called the number Joles promised to fix it but nearly a month later he's never showed and now no one is answering her phone calls.

“When somebody call up and offers to do work and you didn't call them, you probably should be more skeptical,” says Mary Moore.

We warned you about this type of scam back in February, a tactic that's common among bands of gypsies like the Irish travelers.

Reputable pavers say you should always ask to see references before you hire anyone for a job and also stick to local businesses that are listed in the phone book. Also it's advised that you not pay money up-front for any supplies or materials. When in doubt, call police.