Accidental Release - Inmate on the Run

11-24-05 - A female inmate in the Carter county jail tricked guards into letting her out Wednesday night. Karen Neveling was in jail on counterfeit money charges with her husband. But last night she used another inmate's birth date and social security number to get bonded out.

Sheriff Harvey Burkhart blames it on a computer and human error. He says Neveling called a bail bondsman, who then unknowingly used the false birth date and social security number to bond her out. Burkhart says the other inmate, Misty Johnson, bears a resemblance to Neveling, and a jailer didn’t notice when he pulled the wrong inmate out of lockup.

The mistake was caught a few minutes later, but by then Neveling was free.

Johnson was in jail for driving with a suspended license, but will now likely face more serious charges of being an accessory to an escape.

Neveling is not considered a threat to the public. The sheriff suspects she's in the Dallas area.