Downtown Asking for Piece of Holiday Pie

11-26-05 – Shoppers are still flocking to the stores this weekend after a busy day at Grayson County and Ardmore shopping centers. Hoping to take advantage of early-bird specials, shoppers lined up outside shops early Friday morning. Store managers say it was a good day in sales. Smaller, locally owned stores also pushed special events to try and keep customers downtown.

Local merchants held an open house in Sherman this weekend. Several downtown storeowners rely on day-after-Thanksgiving sales to boost their bottom line and they say despite the draw of new retail at the Sherman Town Center – sales were good Friday.

A handful of family-owned businesses are holding an open house, complete with holiday decorations and treats for customers. They hope the quaint atmosphere will keep local customers in town.

Some shops in downtown Sherman experienced a lag in sales in the late summer and early fall, but for now, sales are on the rise.