Neighbors Save Homes From Fire

11-28-05 - The strong winds have produced several close calls south of the Red River, especially east of Denison where neighbors rescued neighbors.

Sunday's fire left 50 acres of scorched grass across pastures off FM 1753. The wind is still blowing strong, and it serves as a reminder of how quickly this fire spread and how close it came to taking homes.

Around 5:30 p.m., neighbors say a fallen tree limb sparked a power line which started the fire. It took no time for flames to travel across the fields off FM 1753 and Coe Road.

Wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour fanned the fire blowing embers across the road. Several homes stood in the path, and neighbors went door to door warning others and even picking up garden hoses, rakes and shovels to fight the fire.

Crews from Denison, Sherman and volunteer departments were on scene until after midnight when they were able to get it under control. Even with flames coming within 12 feet of homes, no structures caught fire and no one was injured.

"My grandson from across the street came to get me," resident Vicki Hempkins said. "He said, 'Nana, you got to get out of here.' I told him no, I had a breathing problem, I better stay in away from the smoke. It wasn't long until they came up though to help, and did what they could do. They said it was going to be bad."

Those volunteer fire fighters came from Bells and Ector. Neighbors say even people driving by stopped to help.