Apartment Fire in Sherman

12-2-05 - An apartment fire broke out in Sherman Friday morning at the Sherman Oaks Apartment complex. Two dozen apartments are damaged and one woman was transported to the hospital.

It all began when an air conditioning unit in one apartment sparked and fire quickly spread through the attic causing smoke damage to building nine.

It took Sherman firefighters just 30 minutes to put out the blaze thanks to help from both the Denison and Howe Fire Departments. All occupants in the building were evacuated and the Red Cross was out on the scene helping the victims.

Meanwhile, firefighters continue to access the situation.

"Those people, they're not going to want to live in these apartments because it stinks, so it's going to be awhile before that building is in use," Sherman Fire Department Lt. Wyatt Spurgon said.

"We're arranging apartments that are vacant plus we'll do anything else that we have to do," Sherman Oaks Apartment Manager Barbara Mullen said.

Officials helped the residents go back and salvage what they could from their apartments. One resident said her smoke detector never even went off.