Abuse Allegations at S&S School

12-2-05 - A sheriff's investigation was conducted Friday at a Grayson County Middle School after an angry parent claimed that a teacher went too far in disciplining her son.

An internal investigation as well as one from the Grayson County Sheriff's Office were both conducted at S&S Middle School after an incident Thursday that a parent says left her eighth grader physically bruised.

Toni Westbrook's 15-year-old son had dime-sized bruises on his chest. Yesterday, he came home and told his mother that a teacher pulled him out into the hall and hit him in the chest with one of his knuckles after an argument of some sort.

She immediately contacted the Sheriff's Office, an investigator came out, and a report was filed. Friday morning, the school district was notified, and they began their own investigation by talking to students and the accused teacher.

They are also doing all they can to make sure that the truth behind the incident comes out and the proper action is taken.

"We are in also in contact with CPS and the sheriff's department," S&S Superintendent Bill Gentzel said. "We contacted them and told them we would cooperate in any manner."

A Grayson investigator was out Friday as well looking into the incident. The results of that investigation could come out quickly.

The school district says they hope to have the matter resolved by the end of the day. The eighth grade student was back at school Friday.