Cash-Strapped Jail Holds Rummage Sale

12-3-05 – The Bryan County Jail, facing another year in the red, held a rummage sale on Saturday to raise funds for uniforms and new equipment.

There were multiple jailbreaks in 2005 and the jail administrator says the costs of the breaks and general operations are stretching the budget thin.

The jail is trying to raise money for uniforms and new walkie-talkies to allow jailers to communicate with each other while at work.

The jail administrator, Delois Phillips, says the costs of fuel for transportation and food has gone up while the budget had remained the same. She blames low wages on the jail’s inability to prevent turnover among jailers, which she says, forces new hires to take on responsibilities that can lead to human error and escapes.

By noon on Saturday, the jail workers raised nearly $400. They hope to raise at least $800.

The jail continued to raise funds by housing inmates from other jurisdictions. They are planning additional fundraisers in the spring.