TXU Employee Sent to Hospital

12-5-05 - A TXU worker is in a Dallas hospital after an accident at a Sherman substation.

The incident knocked out power to parts of Sherman and left one man seriously hurt.

When paramedics got to the scene Monday, they found the 43-year-old worker laying on the ground. The electrical substation is usually manned, but Monday morning workers were performing maintenance replacing a switcher when something went horribly wrong.

The call came in around 11 a.m. Monday morning. The victim came into contact with high-voltage equipment, and he was taken by medical helicopter to Parkland Hospital in Dallas where he is in critical but stable condition.

The TXU employee sustained electrical burns, and paramedics say it's likely he suffered internal damage.

"The worker came into contact with live electricity, probably a very high voltage," Lt. Wyatt Spurgin of the Sherman Fire Department said. "It caused external burns as well as internal injuries probably of a very serious nature."

No one else was hurt, but the incident did knock out power to parts of Sherman including Sherman High School. The power was restored within about ten minutes.

TXU Safety representatives have been called in to find out exactly what went wrong. The victim's identity has not been released at this time.