Bus Thieves Strike Again

12-6-05 - An effort to help a friend move furniture could result in serious charges for two local men. One suspect has confessed to stealing U-Haul trucks from a Durant business, but bad luck ended the caper.

Remember the thieves who stole a school bus in Colbert? Some of the gang has struck again, only this time their target is U-Haul trucks taken from A&A Storage and U-Haul in Durant.

One man has confessed, but his sidekick is still out there.

Calera police arrested John Dooley on a warrant for previously stealing a U-Haul there, but when they questioned him he confessed to stealing two more trucks in Durant.

John said another suspect's mom dropped them off at A&A last Tuesday. They crawled under a fence, kicked open the office door and stole the keys to two trucks. They drove the U-Hauls through a fence and headed toward Ada to help a girl move, but when they hit Wapanucka one ran out of gas.

They left it on the side of the road and drove the other truck back to Calera where police found it at Fourth and Main.

Altogether the thieves did about $900 in damage to the trucks and the business.