New Jobs Coming to Denison

12-9-05 - In 1999 Denison developers created the Eisenhower Business Center with progress in mind. Two years ago, they suffered a set back when the LTD Marketing call center closed, taking almost three hundred jobs. But this spring another call center is coming to town.

This morning Client Services Incorporated joined by phone as community leaders welcomed the accounts receivable management firm, relocating their customer care center to Denison. An empty parking lot now, but by spring time, the vacant space will be filled with employee vehicles and the promise of economic growth.

But it was just a few years ago that developers say the local economy followed the national trend and bottomed out, losing 4000 jobs. Local developers worked hard attracting tenants like Ruiz Foods and Tyson to fill holes left by departing employers.

The work has paid off. The development alliance says client services will fill the last large vacancy in the area in office space and in jobs. Client Services anticipates starting their hiring process in January. Workforce Texoma has an office right next door. That's a place where job seekers can come for applications, and interviews. As for their new office space, renovations should start immediately.

Based out of Saint Charles, Missouri, Client Services Incorporated handles customer service for more than 20 Fortune 500 companies, like banks, insurance and mortgage companies.