Two Major Fires in Gainesville

12-6-05 - A busy night for firefighters in Cooke County as two major fires broke out within hours of each other, and one of them was fatal.

A victim who was pulled from the house on the corner of Carnes and Fields Street in Gainesville did not survive.

The Fire Marshall went to the medical examiners office, and officials have not positively identified the body.

The Fire Department got the call just before 11:30 p.m. Monday night. KXII was told that someone tried to save the person inside but was held back by the flames.

Investigators are looking into the cause, but neighbors say they heard an explosion and then saw flames. This all happened while crews were already fighting another fire on Denton Street which broke out about 9 p.m.

No one was hurt by the first fire, but it did leave a family of nine without a home and caused over $100,000 in damage to a historic Gainesville home.

The Fire Marshall is also busy investigating the causes of both fires, Neither are being called suspicious at this time.

Several other fire departments were called in to assist Gainesville Monday night.