OSBI Wrapping Up Investigation

12-12-05 - The OSBI is investigating the city of Healdton. For the past seven months, the bureau has been trying to figure out who stole money right out of city hall.

The incident happened back in May, but by the end of this month, the OSBI expects to wrap up their investigation, and city leaders say that can't come soon enough.

For the past seven months the city of Healdton has been trying to figure out who stole around $1,000 in cash. The city immediately turned the case over to the OSBI to make sure there was a non-bias investigation.

Back on May 27, someone walked down into the city clerks’ office and stole the money. A couple of days later, the discrepancy was caught in the record logs.

New surveillance cameras show who was in the hallways that day. But neither the city nor the OSBI can release what was found, except to say it is part of the investigation. And since the city clerk's office is open to anyone from eight to four every weekday, Healdton isn't sure if the money was stolen by someone in the public or by someone that works for the city.

The city of Healdton also says the crime happened on the Friday before the Memorial Day holiday, so many employees were off and city hall was nearly empty.

Since the crime occurred the city of Healdton has put into place more security in every office at city hall to make sure the incident doesn't happen again.