Stuck Truck - Water Line Breaks in Denison

12-13-05 - The road has been blocked off since 2 p.m. this afternoon, and water has been running onto the street. A water main break that was repaired two weeks ago ruptured again.

A trash truck just happened to discover it. It was stopped in front of a home loading up trash when the weight of the truck was too much. The back wheels sunk into the soggy rock that was packed over the leaking water line.

The city says the recent ice and snow mixed with very dry conditions probably caused the line to break again, along with dozens of other lines around town.

The city has been working night and day to try and get caught up fixing these water line breaks. Since the freeze, they've gotten two to three calls a day; all of them are in the older parts of Denison with lines that are forty to fifty years old.

The city is slowly replacing the older water lines with new ones, but there is only so much money in their budget each year.