Ardmore Trails Project Cut Short

12-13-05 - It's a $600,000 project the park's department has been working on but when the city found out it would cost even more than that to finish, they began making other plans.

Right now the trail starts at Regional Park and ends at Ardmore High School. People use the path almost everyday of the year to walk, run, or bike.

The plan was to extend it another seven miles all the way to downtown through neighborhoods, eventually connecting it to trails all over Ardmore. But the city's only bid from a contractor was way over the price they can afford.

Now they hope their money will at least get that trail to Charles Evans Elementary off Maxwell.

The original cost estimate of the project was done two years ago. Boatright believes it was the increase of construction costs that made it more expensive.

Federal grant money and the city are helping to pay for this phase. The entire trails project around the city will take around 20 years to complete.