Dangerous Dog Problem in Lone Grove

12-16-05 - Leona Clayton loves her four dogs. She calls them her furry children. But this week in her own neighborhood just a few doors down, two dogs were attacked and killed by another dog.

Lone Grove Police finally caught up with Gunter, a mix of boxer and pitbull a few hours later. Right now he sits at the department's pin and his owner is charged with having an animal at large.

And this isn't the first dog attack the city’s had this year. Last month one of Lone Grove's police officer's was also attacked by a pit bull.

Chief Oldham is working on a new ordinance to take care of that problem. He's also wants to file criminal charges if a person or animal gets hurt by a vicious dog.

We did try to contact Gunter’s owner but we had no response. Gunter is not allowed in the Lone Grove city limits anymore, and if he isn't picked up in a week, he will be taken to the Ardmore Animal Shelter. If they rule him vicious, he will be put down.