County Barn Thief Makes Getaway

1-4-06 - After a high-speed chase last night, a man is still on the run from the Madill police. Authorities believe the man stole thousands of dollars worth of equipment from a county commissioner's barn.

Nearly all of the stolen property is back in the barn tonight with the exception of a computer and a set of keys. In fear of another burglary a crew spent the day repairing the fence around the barn.

The thief broke in around midnight by hopping the fence, but ran a county truck through it as he made a getaway. Inside that truck, he'd piled everything from tires to tools and even some leftover food.

A Madill patrol officer spotted the thief as he was driving away from the barn and it turned into a high-speed chase all the way to Oakland. Then the man jumped out of the truck and ran into the woods that lead him into a residential area off of 8th street.

Police say they believe he also tried to steal another vehicle in Oakland earlier today. The man is described to be around 160 lbs, 5'8 with dirty blond hair wearing a black sweater and blue jeans. If you have any information, please call the Madill Police at 580-795-2387.