Charity Scrambles to Finish Shopping for Needy Families

12-17-05 – Christmas is a week away, but some local charities are still scrambling to gather enough donations for needy families.

The Haven of Rest shelter in Bonham provides shelter for up to 16 people on any given night; and at Christmas time they collect donations for needy families.

The small shelter is struggling to make ends meet. Members of Compass Ministries run the shelter. They act as elves, buying and wrapping gifts, then distributing them with a basket of food to low-income families.

Saturday, Christmas came early when a group from Dallas gave the shelter over $2,100. That covers half the cost of the presents that were purchased, but the shelter still needs more help. They are scrambling to finish their shopping for a few more qualifying families this Christmas.

The Haven of Rest can be contacted at 903-436-6257.