Trash Service Stays With City

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The City of Sherman will cotninue to provide trash service. Monday night, the city council voted 5-2 in favor of keeping trash service with the city.

It's been an issue for the city of Sherman and its employees for more than a year.

"The city of Sherman took over solid waste business a year and a half ago and then mid-summer settled a law suit and a part of it was a proposal, so it's very long and we didn't expect it to be this way,” explains City Manager Scott Wall.

Monday morning, the city manager met with employees on-site trying to ease concerns. IESI was the final private company up for a bid, but councilman voted down a proposal that would have allowed the company to take over solid waste collection.

"Some people believe that the solid waste business is something the private sector specializes in and can be more efficient."

But for those who work hard keeping Sherman clean say, "It would be a very nice Christmas present for us to keep our jobs,” says trash collector Joseph Denton.

Denton and some of his fellow trash collectors fought to get the proposal rejected, "Do not go to contract. Do not sell out. We would love to have our jobs stable with the city of Sherman.”