Pit Bull Problem - Dogs Fate in Judge's Hands

ARDMORE, Okla. (AP) - The fate of two pit bull terriers that may
have killed a dog and mauled a horse lies in the hands of a Ardmore
municipal judge.

A hearing on allegations that owners Haley Eggenberg and Jeremy
Jamison allowed the 2-year-old dogs to run loose through the
neighborhood after dark is set for Friday.

Ann Faulkner and Jess Mize delivered a petition last night to
the city manager with the names of 15 homeowners who oppose the
dogs. The animals of Faulkner and Mize were attacked December 2nd.

Mize says the two pit bull terriers killed two of his pygmy goats earlier and on December 2nd killed his English bulldog while the dog was in his pen.

Animal Control officer Joe Pickens, however, has questioned the cause of death.

Faulkner says she found one of the pit bull terriers had her 2-year-old horse on the ground the same night.