Sherman Home Shines in Christmas Tour

Our Christmas Home Tour brings us to a home that displays Christmas treasures from around the world and it is right here in Texoma.

Jim and Dee Lough travel across the globe seeing the many wonders of the world but there favorite place to be on Christmas is in their Sherman home.

They invite us to come in and check it out.

How about Christmas from around the world, all wrapped into one house?

Well Thursday morning our Christmas home tour takes us to a house that brings world traditions to Texoma.

Jim and Dee Lough have been around the globe, but celebrating Christmas at their Birge Street home is one of their favorite wonders of the world.

With over a hundred Christmas decorations, all that glistens and glitters can't out shine their collection of souvenir ornaments.

From a Christmas choo-choo to the glow of two Christmas trees, the season spirit shines in every room.

This Christmas, Dee spent nearly three days to create a holiday display of family heirlooms and world treasures.

The Nutcrackers, Old Saint Nick and even rotating ornaments, spin this home into a Christmas wonderland.

A Christmas gift that keeps on giving to all throughout the season.