Not All Fireworks Vendors Stop Sales

12-26-05 - Dry conditions and a growing fire danger have resulted in several local fireworks vendors to voluntarily stop selling fireworks for the New Year's holiday, but not everyone is taking part in the move.

Earlier this month, Grayson County commissioners banned fireworks with sticks or fins, but the locally owned vendors in attendance took the initiative, deciding among themselves that they wouldn't sell any fireworks at all this New Year’s season due to the dry conditions.

Still, it doesn't mean those looking for them are out of luck. Regionally owned stands like Mad Max's are still open for business. They are not selling the fireworks prohibited by the county, but you can find most anything else.

The county cannot stop them from selling, but they do ask that you be careful before you buy.

Tim McGraw, Grayson County Judge, says, “For holidays we ask people by very prudent with what they do over the holidays, especially with New Year’s celebrations, lighting the fireworks is like setting matches on the ground.”

It looks as if people are heeding that warning. The vendor who runs Mad Max's says that with only four days left to sell, business is way down.

Firework stands are usually open only a few days out of the year around New Year’s Day and the Fourth of July.