Officer-Involved Shooting in Kingston

1-3-05 - The following is a news release from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation:

Monday afternoon, Kingston Police received a call from the owner of the Texoma Sport Center Motel on U.S. Highway 70. The owner recognized a man who had just checked into the motel from a previous visit when the man stole an item from the motel.

When the officer arrived on the scene, the motel owner identified the suspect's vehicle. The officer ran the license tag and found the owner of the vehicle had a felony warrant out of Texas. The officer confronted the suspect, Leslie Shawn Crone, d.o.b. 4-21-63, inside Crone's motel room. Crone began a physical altercation with the officer, broke away, and entered his pickup truck. Crone then attempted to run over the officer. At that time, the officer fired his weapon several times at the suspect.

Crone, from Big Sandy, Texas, continued driving across the four-lane highway and stopped in a ditch. The officer pursued the suspect in his car. When the officer approached the suspect, he discovered Crone had been hit at least once with a bullet.

Emergency personnel transported Crone to a Madill hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. The officer was also taken to the hospital for minor leg injuries received during the altercation.

The OSBI is investigating this shooting and will compile a full report for the district attorney's office. The D.A. will decide whether the shooting was justified.