Choctaw Nation Assisting Firefighters

Choctaw Chief Gregory E. Pyle presented a $7,000 check to the Grant Fire Department Tuesday. This donation from tribal funds assists the small fire department in retaining federal awards they received last year.

Two big projects the Grant fire department is working on are the extension to the department building to include an extra truck bay and meeting space, and the purchase of new radio equipment.

“Thoughts and prayers are with all of the fire departments in Southeast Oklahoma as they battle numerous wildfires during this drought,” said Chief Pyle. “In addition to the monetary donation being given today to Grant, the tribe is allowing the fire departments in the Choctaw Nation boundaries to come by this week to the nearest Choctaw Travel Plaza to fill up their fire truck with fuel and also to receive bottled water and Gatorade.”

Chief Pyle said he realized the resources of local fire departments were stretched to the limit with all of the emergencies they are currently responding to and hopes that the tribe’s assistance with fuel and water will help substantially with their expenses.

The Choctaw Nation has taken measures to protect tribal facilities by following tips put forth by the forestry program and safety program such as cutting grass as short as possible, removing leaves from around foundations, and plowing fire lines where possible.