Fires Take Physical, Financial Toll

1-3-06 - The economic and physical impact of recent fires could be felt for months to come.

Fire departments and several other agencies have lost quite a bit of money since the blazes have lit up. Not only is this affecting the crews who help manage these fires; it's also having a devastating effect on farmers and ranchers.

Ag-experts say that the pastureland will not start to grow back until much later than anticipated this spring. The impact of lack of rain and out of control fires will be felt in this area for months to come.

Volunteer fire departments are being impacted greatly. On top of fighting these out of control blazes, most volunteers have full time jobs during the day, and it seems that this next week will be another busy one for them.

The manpower of these volunteers has literally been worn out. Departments say they have responded to as many calls in the past week than in the previous month.

Fire chiefs say that times like these, when fires are a big issue, it brings more people wanting to help fight fires. The only problem with that is that the training usually takes about six months before a volunteer can jump into the action.

For more information on you can get involved, contact your local fire department.