Woman Attacked by Pit Bulls

1-6-06 - Helen Hammonds now has a handful of these bite marks all over her body. Hammonds was on her daily walk down South Third Street when a pit bull-lab mix and his mom accidentally got out of the owner’s house and started biting and clawing her. After several horrifying seconds she was finally able to get in a resident's car.

The owner declined an on camera interview but says the dogs have never acted like that before and is extremely sorry for what happened. But some neighbors are now scared to leave their homes in this usually quiet and peaceful town. And now they're asking, along with the police chief, for stricter laws on vicious dogs.

Ringling council members are also looking into writing a new ordinance about vicious dogs. A state lawmaker in Moore will also introduce a bill this session that would have all pit bulls in Oklahoma spayed or neutered and prohibit anymore from entering the state.