Healdton Mom Wants Signs on Road

1-16-06 - A 7-year-old Healdton girl hit by a car last week has returned home. Now Britney Green’s family is trying to make the streets safer for all children in the community.

The family believes what happened to their daughter was just an accident, but one that could have been prevented. Last Tuesday night a car was driving up Plum Street when Britney rode out behind the privacy fence. The car hit the back tire of her bicycle, and she fell head first onto the pavement. She was not wearing a helmet. Moments later, she was air lifted to Oklahoma City with a concussion. Her mother, Lisa Green, says the street is not only narrow but also hilly, and cars drive down it too fast.

Now, she along with other neighbors plan to go to the city and ask that “children at play” and speed limit signs be put into place not only on Plum Street but all over the city. Green plans to meet with the city manager later this week to discuss bringing up the issue at the next city council meeting.