Rooftop Robbers Crime Ring Broken

1-17-06 - A two-state task force has closed the case on a group of thieves known as the Rooftop Robbers. They arrested 13 people who were part of a crime ring that hit businesses up and down the I-35 corridor last year.

We told you about the traveling thieves in October. They hit two convenience stores in Ardmore and the homeland in Madill in July usually by hacking their way in through the roof

They were hitting so many stores in southern Oklahoma and in the DFW area that a task force was finally formed to catch them.

Police tracked down four of them last fall, but then a break in the case came from DNA evidence at a crime scene in Wichita Falls.

That led to the capture of one suspect in Texas, who confessed about the group and about the other robberies. In all, 13 people have been arrested.

The task force also says the traveling thieves were led by a burglary team from the early nineties called the Seeders Crime Group.

During the investigation some agencies even remembered some of the suspects because of the sophistication of their burglaries.

The traveling thieves have admitted to committing around 250 burglaries last year, causing around $750,000 worth of damage.

The task force says so far no money has been recovered.