Sherman Mayor Denies Woman's Claim

Sherman mayor Bill Magers denies a sexual harassment claim made by a former employee. On Wednesday, a Grayson County grand jury decided not to indict the mayor on any criminal charges.

According to a statement released Wednesday by Grayson County attorney Joe Brown, Magers has been under investigation since late December.

According to the statement, an employee of Magers' private business made a harassment claim to Sherman police on December 22. She was at a local hospital and told police that just a day prior, she'd has sex with Magers. Although she told police the sex was consensual, in hindsight, she felt she had been coerced because she worked for him.

At that point, Grayson County attorney Joe Brown called in the Texas Rangers to conduct an independent investigation.

Magers calls the allegations "absolutely baseless" and released the following statement Wednesday evening:

An allegation of alleged misconduct was made by a former employee of our family's business. Our employment relationship with this employee
ceased in December 2005. I am disappointed that these baseless
allegations have been made against me personally and our family
business. Due to the potential for civil litigation, I have been
advised by counsel to make no further statements regarding the facts
surrounding the allegation. I look forward to the opportunity to speak
on this matter publicly.

The following is the full statement released Wednesday by Joe Brown:

On December 22, 2005, the Sherman Police Department contacted the Grayson County District Attorney regarding a call it received from Texoma Medical Center. TMC reported that a female patient sought treatment on that date in relation to a sexual encounter with Sherman Mayor Bill Magers. Upon responding to TMC, Sherman police spoke to a 29 year old woman who claimed that she had sexual relations with Magers at a Sherman business the day before. The woman, who was an employee of a business owned by Magers and his wife, alleged that while the sexual encounter was consensual, she felt pressured to participate because of Magers status as her employer. She went to Texoma Medical Center the next day on the advice of friends to be checked out.

Because of Magers’ status as Mayor of Sherman with authority over the Sherman Police Department, District Attorney Joe Brown requested the Texas Rangers conduct an independent investigation to determine whether any criminal conduct occurred. Texas Ranger Tony Bennie reviewed the statement of the complainant taken by the Sherman Police, and upon confirming that the statement was freely given, forwarded the matter to the District Attorney’s Office.

Based upon our review of the statement made by the woman, her complaint is a civil complaint of sexual harassment in the workplace, and the complaint does not allege criminal behavior. However, the matter was presented to a Grayson County Grand Jury today for its independent review. The grand jury declined to file criminal charges.