Sago Mine Tragedy Inspires Artists

1-31-06 - A song inspired by the roller coaster of emotions experienced during the Sago mine tragedy has inspired some local musicians. The song "They Were Not Alone" was born, and proceeds are going to families of miners.

The families of those West Virginia coal miners were first told their loved ones were alive, but two hours later they learned the opposite.

"They Were Not Alone" was written by a Rick Mason of Sherman as a musical tribute. He says he wanted to do something for miners’ families after watching their stories on TV. Two other local musicians, Greg Guymon and Morris McCann, helped write and perform the song. They say they were struck by what the families went through and of course the letters the miners left behind. In one of the letters a miner writes, "I’ll see you on the other side." Those words now serve as the close to song recorded in their honor.

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