New Addition Will Pay Off

2-2-06- A new addition to the Grayson County Justice Center could mean hundreds of thousands of lost dollars saved and a break for taxpayers.

When the Texas Comptrollers Office decided all county courts should have an officer dedicated to find collection, Grayson County became one of the first to test the program. The program seems to be working with over 70% of fines collected in the past year. And that should only improve with office construction almost complete at the justice center for three more court collection officers.

The officers will be responsible for collecting $5,000-$7,000 court fees that people often do not pay. With not everyone paying their court fees, the county losses revenue plus time and effort taken by deputies to track down those people. Grayson County Sheriff says this will help with jail overcrowding. Those who pay their fines won't be a candidate to end up in jail for skipping out, taking up less space for more serious criminals.

Grayson County Commissioners say the collection office is about two weeks away from completion. The offices will be located on the third floor of the Grayson County Justice Center.