A Bumpy Ride: Drought Damages Roads

1-28-06 – Drought conditions this winter are making the drive on county roads a very rough one in some places. Grayson County commissioners say, for the first time in ten years, they are making road repairs to some areas because of the weather.

The dry conditions caused the asphalt in some areas to crack and recent rains have also added to the damage – pushing the pavement out.

In precinct three, located in western Grayson County, nine miles of Old Southmayd Road and parts of Wright Road are under repair. Crews are tearing up the pavement and replacing in with chip seal, a less expensive form of asphalt. Rising oil prices are driving up the costs of working with chip seal.

Commissioners estimate that road repairs in western Grayson County will cost about $250,000.

Commissioner Jackie Crisp says the costs have not been factored into the budget and crews still have to assess roads in other parts of the county.