Highway Expansion In Grayson County

2-3-06- A big part of Grayson County’s future is highway expansion, but new plans are in the works to make sure more area roads are up to par.

With parts of Highway 75 and Highway 289 expanding, as well as the toll road coming up through Collin County, officials are trying to make sure residential and commercial traffic can get there. Everyday over 60,000 people pass through Grayson County on 75 and the number is growing.

Officials have constructed a map, identifying dozens of roads that intersect 75 and 289 that would serve as main arteries to the north and south highways. This is a long-term development, but the county planning coordinators say by laying it all out now, when the expansions are complete they will have enough right away to get traffic to the highways.

No property is up for zoning currently. Grayson County Commissioners will hold a hearing which will give property owners a chance to look at the plans.

The hearing will be at Monday at 6:00 p.m. at the Grayson County Courthouse.