New Proposal To Solve Overcrowding

2-3-06 - Overcrowding is a big problem in the Ardmore City School system, but they are one step closer to solving it. The school board approved plans build one large elementary school, and eventually close the 4 current schools.

Members of the board reviewed layouts, building materials, and cost. Phase One of the proposed plan places the school to the north of Charles Evans Elementary. Phase Two will eventually lead to the demolition of Charles Evans to finish the project. Officials say that even though the project could take some time and a lot of money, they think the response will be positive. They say the project has been about seven years in the making, and it looks like it is finally about to end.

If approved, once the new school is in operation, three of the former elementary schools will be used by the city for administrative purpose, leaving the fourth, Franklin Elementary, to be sold.