Kingston Officers Injured

2-6-06- A fight in Marshall County Sunday sent two Kingston Police officers to the hospital and a suspect behind bars.

24-year old Chad Elvin Chapman was released from the Marshall County jail Monday afternoon on a $9500 bond. He was charged with two counts of assault and battery to police officers. The two officers were called out Sunday morning to assist Marshall County Deputies on a fight in progress involving weapons.

Being the first on scene they arrived at the house in Woodville, just south of Kingston where over a dozen people were yelling in the yard. They told everyone not to move, but Chapman went inside the house anyway. The officers followed with a pistol and rifle. Inside the house, a fight broke out between the three, ending Chapman holding the rifle with his finger on the trigger.

The officer was able to regain control of the weapon after he hit Chapman in the head with his pistol. Officer Jason Thomas suffered a swollen bruised hand and Officer Nathan Calloway tore ligaments in his ankle. Both officers are expected back to work by the end of the week.

Chapman’s family released a statement saying they believe the entire incident was a big misunderstanding and was blown out of proportion by the Kinston officers.