City Could Sell Leftover Land

2-6-06- The Sherman City Council has decided to hold off on auctioning off the four pieces of park land recommended by the Sherman Parks and Recreation Board.

The wooded area in the Pebblebrook Addition is one of the areas the council is looking at. Sherman is responsible for keeping up the parks, but has done nothing since acquiring it. The land was inherited by the city after it wasn’t needed by housing developers. All of it sits close to residencies so children can play there and city officials are not sure if that makes the land an asset of a liability.

Sherman Mayor Bill Magers rescued himself from voting on a piece of property near Washington Place Park. That property sits adjoined with property he currently owns. He says it would be a conflict of interest for him to vote. Those properties included two in Pebblebrook, one in County Ridge, and one at Washington Place Park.

The council has until their first meeting in March to decide on whether or not they will auction the land off or not.