Illegal Dumping in Grayson County

Litter Bugs in Grayson County should smile the next time they break the law because they could be on camera. A new device has been installed and officials hope it will prevent people from dumping their waste at fields in Grayson County. Hidden cameras began as an expirement to catch litter bugs in the act, but the initial cameras were so big that people would tear they up. Now officials have installed new cameras that are so small and camouflaged that people wont know they are there unless they are looking for them. Grayson County Environmental Officer Jim White says, "You know you get your picture taken and it's kind of hard to get in court and say that's not me." The new cameras are infrared and they'll even take your picture when it is dark outside. Officials say there doesn't have to be a sign posted for there to be a camera on the scene.